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Where Are They Now?

By amazing coincidence, you can find most of the former hosts and guests of on Facebook so check `em out and see how well (or badly) they've aged.

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One of the contributions that Patrick made to (other than being the butt of endless hair jokes) was the music that was played both during the opening and closing sequences as well as during some of the graphical bridge segments. While some "canned" music was used during the show, was notable for having its own original songs. Through his association with local Ottawa musicians (most notably those in dyssia, the band of which he was a member), Patrick was able to obtain recordings of original compositions that became a recognizable component of the "brand".

NOTE: The audio files provided below are samples only and are subject to the copyrights of their original composers.

Season One - 1994-1995

For the first season, audio recording services were provided by Lonesome Studios Productions.

COMPOSITION ARTIST NOTES Theme The Dawg Warriorz The Dawg Warriorz were none other than Patrick and his then-roommate, Kevin Hopkins, who was playing with Ottawa punk stalwarts Black Triangle at the time.
Jade dyssia Bass player Petar Lazic had to endure nearly fifteen minutes of what felt like an endless solo to provide a sufficent length of recording for graphical bridge segments.

Season Two - 1995-1996

For the second season, several of the pieces were re-recorded as audio recording services were provided by Sound Of One Hand Studio (now Liverpool Court Studios).

COMPOSITION ARTIST NOTES Theme The Inflatable Jesus Love Dolls After Black Triangle dissolved, Kevin Hopkins joined The Inflatable Jesus Love Dolls who kindly re-recorded the show's theme music.
96 Seconds dyssia Featuring vocals and keyboards by Holly Jones, this was one of the first compostions to be used on the show that wasn't an instrumental piece.
Stare Him Down dyssia Another original song featuring vocals by Holly Jones.

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