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Where Are They Now?

By amazing coincidence, you can find most of the former hosts and guests of on Facebook so check `em out and see how well (or badly) they've aged.

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Those Wacky Hosts

Panelists came and went. Callers dialled and hung up in frustration. A steady stream of comics performed and went home empty-handed. But the one constant of was the three guys in the middle who kept mugging for the camera... even when it wasn't on them.

The hosts were...

Rick Kaulbars

Rick Kaulbars circa 1994The Community Producer and originator of, Rick is a screenwriter, actor and comic with a great deal of experience in the media and on stage. This proved to be invaluable during the seasons for while he frequently described his co-hosts as "unflappable", it was actually Rick who held the shows together and kept the conversations flowing smoothly. Rick began his writing career with the Skit Row comedy troupe while he finished his studies in Broadcast Television at Algonquin College. During the seasons, Rick was a staff writer for Diorio Productions after which he co-wrote the Comedy Network cartoon show "Kevin Spencer". A frequent cast member of the Eddie May Mystery troupe, Rick has also been a frequent feature act at Ottawa's Absolute Comedy and Yuk Yuk's clubs as well as appearing in the Just For Laughs showcase. Currently, Rick has returned to his alma mater as he is teaching screenwriting at Algonquin College.

Patrick Calnan

Patrick Calnan circa 1994Frequently identified by Rick as the "Winner Of The Alice Cooper Lookalike Contest" (due to his pale complexion) or the "Winner Of The Gene Simmons Lookalike Contest" (when an ill-advised perm went very badly), Patrick was the musical contributor to the program as he and his various bands contributed the show's theme song as well as music that was played during bridges and credits. He also hosted the "Net Noize" segment that dealt with musical aspects of the Internet and so it was not surprising that of the three hosts, he had the longest hair. During the seasons, Patrick was an instructor at Herzing College but he moved on to working as a Business Systems Analyst for EDS in Detroit for a few years before returning to Ottawa. A technical writer by trade nowadays, Patrick continues to live and work in the National Capital Region while pursuing his rock star dreams in yet another band (even if the long hair is now a distant memory).

Mark Bell

Mark Bell circa 1994Having worked as a technology consultant and communications specialist for years before his involvement with the show, Mark was easily the most knowledgeable of the hosts. Always on the cutting edge of technological developments, Mark was an experienced user of multiple BBS' which led to his contributing his regular "BBS Review" segment to the program. His work with MONITOR Magazine led to that publication becoming one of's sponsors and was another aspect of his extensive involvement with the online community at large. That hasn't changed in the years since went off the air as Mark has continued to be an entrepreneur and innovator in the National Capital region. Most recently, he took over as Managing Editor of MONITOR Magazine and while that fine publication may have since ceased operations, Mark will unquestionably continue to be an influential figure in Ottawa's high tech sector.

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