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Where Are They Now?

By amazing coincidence, you can find most of the former hosts and guests of on Facebook so check `em out and see how well (or badly) they've aged.

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The Crew

One of the greatest strengths of the Rogers community television system is the volunteers that make it work. This was especially true of the amazing gang of talented individuals who gave up their time and energy to put on the air. While the three goons who hosted the show may have tried to pretend that it was all about them and their egos, the truth was that the crew made it all possible. Without them, there would have been nothing and a great debt of gratitude is owed to those who contributed to the level of success that the show was able to achieve.

While the number of people who worked on various episodes is quite large, two stand out as deserving particular mention...

Ray Hagel

One of the few paid professionals that worked on, Ray was the show's Staff Producer and was the one who put it all together. He personally directed most of the episodes but also managed almost every technical aspect of putting on the air. He also took part in most of the EFP (Electronic Field Production) segments whenever the show went outside the studio for pre-recorded interviews. Quite willing to get his hands dirty, Ray would shoulder the camera himself and played pretty much every role there was in the production of More importantly, Ray took his role as a mentor very seriously for a lot of his efforts went into not only producing but also in teaching the other volunteers all of the different aspects of television production. For all of these good works, Ray suffered a great deal of teasing with dignity and good humor as he was also the staff producer for The Tom Green Show when that program was on Rogers Community 22. In a bit of irony, the edgy Tom Green Show wasn't the one that got Ray in trouble as it was that cost him his job and got him fired (see the history of for more details). Ray made a lot of sacrifices to put on the air and in doing so, demonstrated that he is a class act and superb individual.

Majda Drinnan

If Ray was the brains behind putting on the air, Majda was the heart and soul. One of the most dedicated and talented volunteers to work on the program, Majda did so with enthusiasm and cheerfulness. She put in countless hours making the show a success and was never paid a single dime for any of it. Most punishingly, she had to spend a lot of time in the editing suite with Patrick enduring such questions as "What does that button do?" and "Can we make my hair look nicer?" That she was able to endure this and still maintain one of the brightest smiles of any of the crew is a testament to her resilience and character. But Majda did more than just editing taped segments... a lot more. Behind the scenes, Majda was a camera operator, a Floor Director, she handled communications (answering the phones for the show's callers), electronic titles, VTR (Video Tape Recorder), and all of the myriad functions that went into being the show's Production Assistant as well. If something needed to be done, chances were that Majda did it at one point or another. And she did it with such cheerful optimism that she made everyone around her a little less grumpy (except Rick, he's always grumpy). Majda was an invaluable contributor to and being able to work with her was both a privilege and a pleasure.

Yet More Crew

Numerous individuals worked very hard on the show and the following is an incomplete list (in alphabetical order by surname) of those who contributed:

  • Shannon Abbott
  • Alain Altounian
  • Tarek Al-Zand
  • Jennifer Ashby
  • Morgan Baker
  • Allan Barnes
  • Serap Baser
  • Ellen Beausoleil
  • Ross Bellinger
  • Deniz Berkin
  • Claire Berthiaume
  • Stephen Bourne
  • Ray Brownhill
  • Ian Browns
  • Trevor Cavanagh
  • Chuika Chalifour
  • Lisa Chisholm
  • Patrick Collins
  • Jean Cormier
  • Gord Crowe
  • Kendrick de Lepper
  • Don DeLong
  • Eric Eraut
  • Mark Eshelman
  • Chris Evans
  • Tyler Fleming
  • Arlington Forbes
  • Pat Francoeur
  • Lise Gervais
  • Sean Grant
  • Krista Hamilton
  • Jennifer Harris
  • Christopher Hendriks
  • Lisa Hepner
  • Tero Hollo
  • Jason Isaac
  • Lou Johnson
  • Aurèle Joinette
  • Elisabeth Joly
  • Russel Jordan
  • Stacey Kerrigan
  • Jamie Ladd
  • Natalie Lafrancois
  • Patrick Laguerre
  • Andrew Lamoare
  • Jennifer Larock
  • Lise Larocque
  • Jean-Marc Laurin
  • Peter Lawnikanis
  • Mike Leduc
  • Andy Lee
  • Shirley Legree
  • Arthur Levitin
  • Jamie Lingard
  • Shawna Lucey
  • Sandra Lucio
  • Shawn MacDonald
  • Ian March
  • Graham Martin
  • Frank McGuire
  • Angie Mills
  • Chantal Morin
  • Bill Paul
  • Don Petit
  • Jane Phillips
  • Karen Pickles
  • Cindy Redmond
  • Jeanette Rule
  • Laura Sebag
  • Alex Sheffield
  • Joanne Sherwood
  • Rob Singh
  • Anne Smiley
  • Randi Stein
  • Chris Stolpmann
  • Trevor Swartz
  • Glen Tucker
  • Gary Tutte
  • Claude Valade
  • Duncan Valliant-Saunders
  • Ricardo van Sertima
  • Michael Vettorel
  • Mark Whitbread
  • Peter White
  • Ben Wilson
  • Daiva Wiseman
  • Jeff Wynes

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