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Where Are They Now?

By amazing coincidence, you can find most of the former hosts and guests of on Facebook so check `em out and see how well (or badly) they've aged.

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Recognizing that some of the topics the show covered could be pretty serious or technical, Rick tried to lighten the mood by recruiting his friends and comrades in the Ottawa standup comedy circuit to appear on the program. Amazingly, a cavalcade of talent fell prey to Rick's sales pitch and made appearances to perform for free. The result was a number of hilarious segments that were very popular, a sampling of which is offered below.

Warning! Some of these video clips are fairly large so be prepared for a lengthy download (depending on your connection speed, of course).

Scott Florence as 'Homer Sexual' Scott Florence as "Homer Sexual"
Jim McNally as 'Opinionated Goon' Jim McNally as "Opinionated Goon"
Rick Currie as 'Dusty Sores' Rick Currie as "Dusty Sores"
Scott Florence as 'Lars Holl' Scott Florence as "Lars Holl"
Pierre Brault as 'Lance Boil' Pierre Brault as "Lance Boil"
Rex of the Zads as 'Himself' Rex of the Zads as "Himself"

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