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Where Are They Now?

By amazing coincidence, you can find most of the former hosts and guests of on Facebook so check `em out and see how well (or badly) they've aged.

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So What's A BBS Anyway?

The acronym BBS stands for Bulletin Board System and refers to a locally accessed computer network where users could share files, "chat", and interact through games and other features. A precursor to modern social networking, BBS' quickly grew into localized communities and were very popular as both personal computers and modems became cheaper and easier to use. For more information on BBS', refer to
Livewire BBS screen capture
A quick note about BBS "handles"... these were simply user names that BBS subscribers adopted whenever they signed on to their respective systems. Some were serious, some playful, and others completely cryptic. Rick Kaulbars' handle on Livewire BBS was (fairly obviously) "Comedian" while Patrick Calnan's was "Shamus" and Mark Bell's was "FidoCop". To many BBS users, the "handle" was often more well known than the person's real name.

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